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Interested in learning outdoor climbing skills?  We at Pisgah Climbing and Outdoor Guides provide top notch, up to date instruction at all levels.  Be it the first time you rig a belay, or perhaps you are pursuing a career as a climbing instructor, we can help.  We offer instruction privately, for individuals or small groups (2 or 3 is optimal), or through our skills courses with set curriculum.    We also have several B.S.A. climbing merit badge councilors on the team and run merit badge programs.  Check out our educational opportunities below.

Advanced, Private Instruction

Private Instruction

If you have a bit of experience under you belt and looking to hone your craft or become self sufficient hire one of our friendly instructors to begin or continue your climbing education on your terms.  When you have an instructor all to yourself they can build a program with curriculum tailored specifically to you.  We teach everything from the basics of setting up top rope systems to the complexities of multi pitch rescue and aid climbing.  Having an private instructor allows for the day to move at your pace and allows for covering far more advanced material than what you may encounter in one of our skills courses.  North Carolina is a great place to learn to climb as it is a haven for the traditional ethic that is the foundation of a well rounded skill set.

*We offer advanced instruction in full days only

*All equipment provided



Here are some students learning to build gear anchors.  Anchors are the backbone of any climbing system and are an excellent starting point to learning to become self sufficient.


Multi Pitch Systems and Rock Rescue


Hire one of our talented instructors to learn the basics of multi pitch systems.  Issuing a top belay, stance management, and transition efficiency are just a few topics that may be covered.


Traditional Lead Climbing


Want to open the door to broader horizons?  Take the next step in your climbing education and come to us to learn to lead traditional rock climbs.  Gear placements, protecting the pitch, and manageing your rope line are all a part of it.

Skills Courses: Gym to Crag Series

Skills Courses

Our skills course often cover similar subjects as what you may learn in a private setting but are run in a group setting, with folks you may not know, on a scheduled basis which allows for a rate per student, which in turns allows students a more affordable opportunity for learning.  Rates are based on a minimum of 3 students.  Skills courses are great for those who are interested in meeting others interested in the sport and, with a set curriculum, are perfect for those who may not know where to begin or which direction to take.  We offer courses that follow a clear progression for that reason..

top roping.jpg

The first of our gym to crag series.  This one day course will cover the ins and outs of top roping outside.  Topics covered are outdoor etiquette, packing a pack equipment, movement, tying in, and belaying.

Rock 1: Top Roping

Course dates:

March 5

April 9

May 14

August 13

Sept 10

Oct 8

Nov 12


This course is all about anchors.  During this 2 day course you will learn to place traditional gear, build anchors in a variety of ways, and clean anchors to lower and rappel.  This is the second course in our rock progression.

Rock 2: Anchors
Course dates:
March 12,13
April 16, 17
May 21,22
August 20,21
September 17,18
October 15,16
Nov 19,20


Our third and final course in our gym to crag series.  This two day course will build on what you learned from rock 2 and cover lead climbing.  You will learn to place gear, while on route, manage your rope line, protect the pitch, and consider gear conservation.  After rock 3 you will be ready to venture off on your own!

Rock 3: Leading
Course dates:
March 19,20
May 28,29
Aug 27,28
Sept 24,25
Oct 22,23
Nov 26,27
Dec 10,11

Scout Merit Badges

Merit Badge

Have a scout that is looking to earn their Climbing Merti Badge?  Our two day badge program is a comprehensive educational opportunity that will leave your scout with a solid foundation in rock climbing.  The first day will cover the curriculum in the handbook and then begin the practical portion.  On the second day we will finish up any remaining requirements and then reinforce the lessons for the rest of the time.  Prerequisites for our merit badge program are reading through the manual and watching the American Alpine Club's Universal Belay Program videos.  Links to the required media can be found on our resources page.

*minimum of 4 scouts are required to run a badge program

*scouts must be at least 14 years of age

*all equipment is included

*Merit Badge Program is $175 per scout

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