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Welcome to our logistics page.  Here you may find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and more.

I just filled out a booking request form.  What now?

Thank you for your interest in hiring a guide or instructor with us.  We know you have choices and appreciate your selecting us.  Please know that submitting a booking request form does not mean you have a booking with us.  We will consult our calendar to determine availability and get in touch as soon as we are able.  Expect a phone call and an email by the next evening.  From there, we will discuss your time with us, take a deposit, and then you will have a confirmed booking with us.

I just put down a deposit and have a confirmed booking.  What now?

Thank you for choosing us!  We are excited to share an adventure with you.  Now that you have a confirmed booking with us you can first expect to receive a confirmation email with all your booking information, be invited into a calendar event we will add to our calendar, and receive a call or email from you guide or instructor within a day or two.  Your confirmation email will also contain blank copies of our liability release.  It is not required that you print this out and bring it with you.  It is simply included for your convenience and know that we will have blanks, on hand, the morning of you booking.  You are welcome to print it, sign it, scan it, and email it back, if you prefer.

*please be aware that minors MUST have a completed waiver that has been signed by their parent or legal guardian.  Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this.  It cannot be an older sibling, grandparent, or friend's parent, unless of course they are a legal guardian.  All other waivers MUST be filled out and signed by the active participant associated with that waiver.

What should I bring and what is provided?

We will provide for you all the of the necessary climbing equipment.  This includes a harness, helmet, pair of climbing shoes, chalk bag, and backpack.  If you have any of your own equipment and wish to use it, feel free.  Helmets and harnesses should be in good repair and not more than 8 years old.  We of course also provide ropes and anchoring equipment as well.

Please be sure to bring a pair of hiking shoes.  This can be boots or sneakers but please NO open toed sandals.  You will want to bring plenty of water, about 2 liters per person, food and snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, a rain jacket, and any other personal items you may want as we do not typically provide the aforementioned items. You may also want to bring a change of clothes to leave in the vehicle, in case we get wet.


*The exception to this may be if you signed up for a summer camp or specialty program that does include certain additional services.  Those additionally included items and services will be listed with that programs information.

Bring a camera!  We will take some photos and share them with you, at no additional cost, but sometimes we aren't offered much opportunity to snap photos (as we are working hard to take care of you) and so you may want to bring a camera of your own.

I don't have much outdoor experience... Are there special considerations for how to behave in the outdoors?

Yes!  This is a great question, and one of our favorites.  The outdoors are a special place and it can be easy to love wilderness to death.  One of our many goals is to help educate folks how to ensure others may also use the space long after us by committing to using the space sustainably ourselves.  We strongly encourage you to check out for more information on minimizing your impact on the outdoors but we, along with many other outdoor professionals and enthusiasts, operate on a set of 7 principles that help us reduce out impact.  

The Leave No Trace Seven Principles

• Plan Ahead and Prepare

• Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

• Dispose of Waste Properly

• Leave What You Find

• Minimize Campfire Impacts

• Respect Wildlife

• Be Considerate of Other Visitors

© 1999 by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics:

What about transportation...  Where do we meet and how will we get to the trail head?

Typically, we do not provide transportation.  Should it be appropriate, your guide may ride in your vehicle with you or anyone else that is registered for the program.  It is your responsibility to get yourself to and from the trail head.

As for where we meet...  For most climbing in the Western North Carolina Area, if you are coming from Asheville, or the surrounding area to the west, north, or east, we will likely meet at our office in Asheville.  If you are staying south of Asheville, we will likely meet in the town of Pisgah Forest, NC at a coffee shop called "Crank Coffee".  If we are climbing in Linville, which is about 2 hours northeast of Asheville, we will meet in the morning somewhere that makes the most sense, typically our office in Asheville unless you are staying somewhere east of Asheville.

Can folks who are not participating come and watch?

Absolutely.  It is acceptable for people to come with us and hang out for the day at no charge.  Please be aware that observers will need to complete a waiver, wear a helmet, and stay with the group.  Please also be considerate of you guide's ability to manage the group.  For example, perhaps limit non climbing group members to 1 or 2.  It can be quite challenging or even detrimental to the day to have 8 non participants with a group of 2 climbers...

Are there age restrictions?

The current minimum age that we allow to climb with us is 6!  In general, we require a second adult present for any bookings with minors.  Exceptions to this policy can be made in certain circumstances.  Without exception however, a parent or legal guardian MUST sign the appropriate section of the participants waiver.  Without a parent or legal guardian signature the minor may not participate.  Waivers will be made available via the confirmation email.  If a parent or legal guardian is not going to be present it is your responsibility to print this from out, sign it, and send it with the climber.  Completed waivers may also be emailed.  As for what specific activities a minor may participate in, we do not have age restrictions necessarily.  We consider each student on a case by case basis and allow any level of participation deemed appropriate for the individual by the instructor.

Do I need to wear a mask?

During any periods where an infectious disease is circulating we do require that all guests, as well as our guides, have a mask available for use at all times.  We do not require you hike or climb in a mask, however, climbing is a dangerous activity which may require close proximity to effectively manage the physical and psychological risks.  During such occasions we do ask that our guests wear a mask and our guides will do the same.  Please let us know if you feel anything short of %100 or have been exposed to anyone that could be infected.  We may require that you temperature be taken before an outing, as well.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy

Pisgah Climbing and Outdoor Guides requires a %50 non-refundable* deposit in order to book a guide.  You are not booked until the deposit is secured.   We are happy to run the day despite sub optimal weather so come prepared however, should the weather turn hazardous, we will cancel the day.  We are happy to reschedule at no additional cost so long as we have a guide available. 

*Maximum Deposit amount is $150.

*Should we cancel the day we are happy to refund your deposit.  Should you cancel the day the deposit will be forfeited.  Extreme circumstances may be discussed.

*No call/no shows will be billed the full remaining balance.  Extreme circumstances may be discussed.

What's up with the weather?


Our mountain weather is very unpredictable and very predictable at the same time.  You can expect the forecast to suggest a 60% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.  You can expect the forecast to be right!  Not only are we in the mountains, the southern region of Pisgah National Forest is a Temperate Rain Forest!  Nearly every day during the summer the days will begin hazy, clear up to bluebird, beautiful cloud free skies, giving way to isolated thunderstorms that build in place as the hot, moist air is forced up and over the mountains, condensing into storms.  After these storm release, usually around 2 to 3pm, the remainder of the day is partly cloudy.  The question is not if it will rain, but when it does, will you be under it?  As such, please do not be put off by sub optimal forecasts.  Rather, bring a rain jacket and be ready for some wet climbing in the afternoon.  That said, should the weather turn hazardous we will end the day and, if you were booked for a full day and it is your guide that makes the call around a half day's time, we will only bill you for a half day.


Follow this link to NOAA's weather information: South Pisgah Weather Forecast

Should I tip my guide?


The short answer is yes!  Our profession is one that is very much a part of the service industry.  As such, while it it is not required or expected, it is customary to tip your guide.  Your guide has committed a significant amount of time and resources for their training and they work hard to provide you with a unique, positive, and educational experience.  Gratuity is an excellent way to show them you had such a day. 

15% is the standard rate in America for a good experience.

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