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Welcome to our resources page.  We are in the business of educating and supporting climbers and the climbing community.  Here you will find links to various organizations' websites that have significant impact on the climbing culture in the United States, certain helpful documents, youtube and instagram channels, and educational videos.  Enjoy!

We have a youtube channel!  We test stuff, break stuff, demo knots and hitches, and more!

A celebration of, and resource for, women and genderqueer climbers. Flash Foxy originated to empower women climbers and offer a virtual space to connect over climbing, being outside together and building community. The inaugural Women’s Climbing Festival in 2016 helped us establish an alternate climbing space in real life that did not center cisgender men. The climbing community is not static and Flash Foxy has adapted over the years to meet the needs of its membership as they grow, change and continue to self-actualize.

The AMGA is our nation's instructional body that is IFMGA accredited.  For the foremost in professional instructor training the AMGA is the way to go.


The AAC is our countries main body for supporting and educating climbers.  With a vast library, educational programs, and climber support programs, the AAC is must for every climber.  One of their more notable programs, which is also the standard to which we teach, is the Universal Belay Program.  Check out part 1 and 2 below.  The following videos are also required pre-course media for our skills courses and the merit badge program.


We at Pisgah Climbing support and adhere to the Leave No Trace ethic of minimizing our environmental impact when we recreate in the outdoors.  Check out their website for great information about how you can get informed and help preserve the outdoors through responsible use.  © 1999 by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics:

The Access Fund is the national advocacy organization that keeps U.S. climbing areas open and conserves the climbing environment.

Need some gear?  For over 37 years Black Dome has been Asheville's Gear shop.  Check them out at 140 Tunnel Road.

This is the Wrong Way. An urban A-frame cabin campground located in the French Broad River corridor, right here in bohemian West Asheville. Our sixteen stand-alone tiny A-frame cabins offer all the creature comforts, as well as access to the river and greenway just across the street. The communal River Lodge anchors the campground as a place to eat, drink, gather, and shop.


Stay at the Wrong Way River Lodge & Cabin Campground to experience the simplicity, adventure, and relaxation of the "river-life" in Asheville, NC.

Among many of the climbing coalitions in the southeast, the CCC, is our very own, local organization.  Their mission is to protect, preserve, and expand climbing opportunities in the Carolinas and they do an excellent job.  Please support the CCC to help them continue with their work.

Here you can find the requirements for completing the BSA's Climbing Merit Badge.  Please know that some of the information presented in the merit badge handbook falls outside the direction of the AAC's universal belay standard, which we discuss during the program.

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PIVOTPoint WNC provides safe, supportive, and empowering mindfulness-based cultivation to individuals from throughout North Carolina who are at risk and in recovery from substance use. While exploring mindfulness practice and its benefits, we are all about living more joyful, adventurous days and establishing solid footing to best embrace our own paths. We strive to utilize evidence-based models of care to support those seeking healing and a mindful approach to life. Come learn more about us!

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Now for some shout outs to our friends Dale Remsberg and Cody Bradford.  These fine fellas are on the forefront of quality tech tips and anchoring conversations. Check out some of their excellent content!

Dale is an IFMGA mountain guide and the technical director for the AMGA.

Cody is an AMGA Rock Guide and does most of his work out west.

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Check out the gang at, too.  They are putting out some really great videos on the science they are doing with slackline systems.  Why post this here then?  They caught our attention with the handful of videos that are very relevant to some climbing systems.  Specifically with shockloading, certain anchors, and some gear placements.

Back when we were Climbmax Mountain Guides Rick did some interviews with  They help people all over the country get a virtual look at what lots of different jobs are like.  Check out my interviews here.


Looking for equipment recommendations?  Check out some of these links to manufacturers we use!

Black Diamond

Fixe Hardware

Sterling Ropes





Need a pair of shoes resoled?  Trust your shoes to our friends over at ON SIGHT resoles for one of the best resole jobs you'll ever experience.

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