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Looking to go rock climbing?  You have come to the right place!  We have opportunities that are perfect for everyone.  Our American Mountain Guides Association certified instructors and guides are friendly and welcoming to everyone and can program a day that is perfect for beginners, groups, kids, and advanced climbers.  Scroll down to see.

Top Roping

Top Roping

Top Roping is the most commonly utilized climbing system where the rope is run through an anchor at the top of the climb.  This allows for some upward tension in the rope the whole time the climber is on route which means, should the climber fall, they are immediately caught by the rope.  Top Roping is a great option for beginners looking to explore climbing for their first time, intermediate or advanced climbers just looking to climb a lot with a partner they can trust, or groups of nearly any kind.

*We offer half and full days of Top Roping

*All equipment provided

*A half day is up to 5 hours from the car

*A full day is up to 8 hours from the car


A day of Top Roping is the perfect way to explore climbing for your first time.  This is an excellent option for beginners of all ages.  No experience is necessary at all!


For those with some experience, let one of our guides take you on a tour of one of our fine local crags for a day filled with all the climbing you can handle!


A full day of Top Roping is likely our best option for bigger groups.  So give us a call to set up a group outing for your church, office, family reunion, wedding, whatever group you have!

Multi Pitch Climbing


Multi Pitch climbing is a more involved system involving intermediate belays that allows the group to climb much higher.  Some experience is suggested but not necessary.  Expect to be at height for extended periods of time.  Full days are most appropriate for multi pitch outings but there are some fantastic half day multi pitch opportunities. 

Hiring one of our skilled guides or instructors for a half day climb of "The Nose", a super classic 4 pitch climb, or for the Amphitheater trifecta, The Mummy, Daddy, and Prow in a full day, in Linville Gorge are two examples of excellent Multi Pitch days.  Don't have an objective in mind?  Let our guides choose the most appropriate day for you!

*We offer multi pitch in half and full days

*All equipment provided

*A half day is up to 5 hours from the car

*A full day is up to 8 hours from the car


One of our guests making their way to the second belay on "The Mummy" in Linville Gorge.  Linville has some excellent multi pitch opportunities in the Amphitheater, Shortoff Mountain, and Table Rock.

maginot line.jpg

Maginot Line is just one of the many excellent routes at Shortoff in Linville Gorge.  Little Corner, Dopey Duck, Straight and Narrow are a few more!  Here, a guest is making their way to the first belay on Maginot Line.

the nose.jpg

The Nose of Looking Glass is a quintessential classic of North Carolina.  It is a must do.  The Nose can easily be done in a half day and is a perfect first multi pitch climb.  Here, owner and head instructor, Rick Wagner, is guiding a climber to the first belay of "The Nose".

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