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Here you will find our offerings geared towards folks who are pursuing climbing instruction as a profession.  We have three main options: instructor training for camps, exam prep days for those aspiring to take their AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Assessment, and we run AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Courses and Assessments.

Instructor Training for Camp Programs

Camp Training

This program is designed to support summer camps who facilitate climbing as a part of their experience with professional level training for their climbing instructors.  One of our instructors will work with your team closely for several days and teach them modern, professional standards that will help your team provide your campers with one of the most memorable and educational climbing programs in the region.  All programs are built to suit so please call or email to discuss your needs and budget.  You may also click here to complete an inquiry form.

Instructor Course or Exam Prep Days

SPI Prep Day

As an aspiring Single Pitch Instructor a prep day can be of tremendous value.  We will set you up with one of our most experience instructors and send you out for a day designed to help you better understand your own strengths and weaknesses.  These programs are NOT AMGA SPI programs nor are they intended to guarantee success in any AMGA program.  They are simply a way to check in with yourself, with the help of someone who has successfully gone through the process, to help steer you in the right direction.  These programs are very personalized so please call or email to chat about your needs, or click here to complete an inquiry form.  Rates follow the private instruction scale.

AMGA SPI Programs

American Mountain Guides' Association Single Pitch Instructor Programs

*  Minimum requirements for course registration:

Be an AMGA member

Climbing for at least one year

18 years of age

That you have lead at least 15 Traditional rock climbs of any grade

Lead traditional rock climbs up to 5.6

Top Rope up to 5.8

In addition, we at Pisgah Climbing strongly recommend familiarity with the figure 8 and overhand families of knots, the clove and munter hitches, and a variety of friction hitches.  Students should also be familiar with a variety of anchor cleaning methods and have more than a basic understanding of anchors.  Remember, this course is designed to teach students to become professional climbing instructors as opposed to teach student to climb.  A solid foundation will help you get the most out of your course.

For those interested in pursuing a career in climbing instruction the AMGA's Single Pitch Instructor program is an excellent place to start.  The SPI certification consists of a 3 day course followed by a 2 day assessment.  Please check out the Single Pitch Instructor section on the AMGA's website here for information on minimum registration requirements.  Spaces are limited so please call or email to register.  We bring in Wes Calkins to run our SPI programs!  

*Courses are $550 per student

*Exams are $375 per candidate

Our AMGA programs are scheduled for the following dates:

Step 1: Register for a course with AMGA

AMGA SPI Course June 4,5,6

AMGA SPI Assessment June 25,26

Step 2: Book the course with Pisgah Climbing

Book Now

Our June Courses are up on the AMGA website, open to 6 students.  This course will be led at variety of locations in Western North Carolina.  Please be prepared to drive.  Your program will meet in Asheville on the first day.

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